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Innovative Recycling a company that strongly believes all companies and consumers should act responsibly with respect to protecting the environment.  Companies who share this passion have embraced the goals of Reducing the impact of their products, Reusing products and materials where possible, Recovering products and materials to prevent landfill, and Recycling products at the end of life.

Innovative Recycling represents a solution for three of the four legs in this quest for environmental stewardship.  We provide a process for recovering and reusing materials, with the goal that 100% of the received product is recycled using a safe and efficient process.

We believe in providing accurate and timely data on services and operating results for our customers.  Daily reports are provided to customers to ensure that communication is always available.  We welcome audits and reviews from customers at any time.

We believe in respect for all our employees.  We recognize that our company is our employees and we strive to provide them with a work environment and management practices that demonstrate our commitment to this goal. 

Innovative Applications / Innovative Recycling


Innovative Applications Corporation (IAC) is a specialized print cartridge processing company and one of the largest laser toner cartridge recyclers in the world. IAC is committed to protecting the health and safety of its employees, customers, and the public from adverse effects that could result from its operations. We are dedicated to maximizing material recovery with the highest possible reuse of all salvaged materials.

IAC will maintain its environmental, health, and safety management system in conformance with high standards. Our system includes implementing appropriate programs and procedures, setting measurable goals and targets, and monitoring and auditing progress.  The EHSMS policy is to conserve and reuse resources to create an environmentally friendly, sustainable, and profitable operation that minimizes energy consumption and waste disposal and that ensures continuous improvement in all EHS areas.

We intend to achieve the goals of this policy by:

  • Complying with all applicable environmental, health & safety laws, regulations, IAC’s own voluntary standards, its contractual commitments to suppliers and customers,  and other requirements, including the Responsible Recycling Practices, as identified in the EHSMS;
  • Managing our material stream for maximum recovery under the reuse, recover and dispose hierarchy as set forth in the Responsible Recycling Practices to ensure all materials are processed with minimal adverse environmental impacts through responsible on-site activities and careful selection of our downstream vendors;
  • Mindfully employing and carefully managing non-conforming (prohibited) materials;
  • Preventing pollution and implementing safe technologies and operations and responding immediately to emergencies to minimize any adverse EHS impacts;
  • Identifying and reducing the risks of all types of work activities that have potential to cause personal injury or occupational illness;
  • Providing training, and supervision to improve all employees’ understanding of workplace hazards, including safe work practices and emergency procedures as well as the key environmental impacts and responsibilities of their work;
  • Integrating the EHS management system into normal operations to ensure it is sustainable and subject to regular evaluations and continual performance improvements and;
  • Ensuring that everyone complies (including visitors and contractors) with appropriate standards and workplace rules to ensure their own and others’ health and safety and protects the environment.

IAC‘s senior staff will provide the management attention and professional employee training required to meet its EHS objectives. The Company will strive to continually improve by encouraging suggestions from employees, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders.  In response, IAC’s staff and employees have committed to the policy established by senior management and will adhere to the principles detailed in this policy.

Lacee Lamphere, President IAC

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